Our founder, Mr. Nikunj Kawar, has always been deeply passionate about creativity and design backed by science and technology. With an unwavering vision for game design, studios, science and technology, He set out to accomplish unique and substantial goals. To breathe life into his innovative ideas, Astrabite was born, known as 'A mad house of creativity'. Our dedicated team at Astrabite comprises exceptionally talented and visionary artisans of innovation. Each individual is loaded with immense knowledge of latest technology and the science behind various concepts. Mr. Kawar's aspirations extend beyond just growing the company; he believes in fostering the growth of every individual within the organization. He subscribes to the concept of 'reverse growth', where he envisions that as the employees grow, so does the company. At Astrabite, we are firm believers that learning is a perpetual journey, and we diligently focus on perfecting and refining our skills each day. Astrabite's overarching mission is to expand its services to a global platform, offering nothing less than the best results. Our distinctiveness lies in our commitment to bringing imagination to life and achieving the seemingly unattainable. Our dreams know no bounds as we aim to lead in a world where creativity and technology knows no limits. With our exceptional team of art enthusiasts, we are resolutely on the path to turning our dreams into a beautiful reality.


Our mission is to transform Astrabite into a company that not only brings us success but also positively impacts others. We want to provide an opportunity to make learning easily accessible. Our company's roots would be spread around globally into vast sectors of business. We want to change the realm of designing and unwind the closed boxes of creativity. Exploring the artistry from each corner of the world and implementing it on our work is what we plan on. Changing and breaking the stereotype of "walking on the boundaries” and setting our own trends is what we stand for.